Japanese police create faux help rip-off fee playing cards to warn victims


Older man looking at prepaid cards
Image: AI-generated by way of Midjourney

Japanese police positioned faux fee playing cards in comfort shops to guard the aged focused by tech help scams or unpaid cash fraud.

The playing cards are labeled “Virus Trojan Horse Removal Payment Card” and “Unpaid Bill Late Fee Payment Card,” and have been created by the Echizen Police within the Fukui prefecture in Japan as an alert mechanism.

Their goal is to warn elder victims searching for fee playing cards on the directions of fraudsters.

The Fukui prefecture suffered round $7.5 million in monetary losses final 12 months on account of numerous types of on-line fraud. In January 2024, there have been 14 complaints relating to funding scams, with an estimated injury of $700,000.

By putting the dummy playing cards within the digital cash sections of 34 native comfort shops, the Echizen Police have been testing a brand new methodology to struggle tech help scams.

Store staff have been briefed in regards to the goal of the dummy playing cards, and when prospects try and buy them, they clarify to the purchaser that they’d been focused in a rip-off.

As the police division rewards staff who help in this system, legislation enforcement may establish victims and additional examine the scams.

Local media outlet Fukuishimbun experiences that since late November 2023, the idea has already helped at the very least two older males who have been deceived into pondering their computer systems had been contaminated with malware and have been tricked into paying a charge for cleansing the methods.

Due to the particular messages on them, victims are more likely to choose them up, believing that they’re pay as you go playing cards that might assist them remedy the problem offered by the scammer.

One comfort retailer worker, Yayoi Tanaka, who helped one of many two folks from being scammed, mentioned that the dummy playing cards make it simpler to clarify to folks shopping for them that they’d been deceived.


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