The Power of Energy Awareness in Teaching Meditation


Energy consciousness and children with SEN

Meditation for youngsters and teenagers has been embraced by the worldwide neighborhood.  But one important device usually goes unnoticed: power consciousness.

This is the essence of our work right here at Connected Kids and is particularly vital when working with kids with Special Educational Needs (SEN) or trauma.  This degree of understanding can assist harness the subtleties of power and may profoundly improve our educating and their studying experiences.

How can power consciousness make a distinction?

At Connected Kids, we’re captivated with imparting the artwork of meditation to kids, empowering them with instruments for self-regulation, focus, and emotional resilience. Our strategy isn’t nearly educating methods; it’s about fostering a deep consciousness of the energetic dynamics at play inside and round us in the course of the private journey of studying meditation.

The meditation and medical neighborhood are devoted to establishing the logic and reasoning behind the advantages of meditation for younger individuals.  However the delicate consciousness of power brings a complicated degree to the expertise:

  1. Sensitivity to Individual Needs: Children with SEN usually have heightened sensitivities to their atmosphere, together with energetic stimuli. By cultivating power consciousness, we will attune ourselves to their distinctive wants, making a secure and supportive area for his or her observe. Whether it’s adjusting the tempo, tone, or sensory inputs, this heightened sensitivity permits us to tailor our strategy to go well with every little one, fostering a way of inclusivity and empowerment.
  2. Facilitating Emotional Regulation: Emotions are power in movement, and for youngsters with SEN, navigating this energetic terrain may be notably difficult. Energy consciousness equips us with the flexibility to recognise and reply to the delicate shifts in a baby’s emotional state, guiding them in the direction of larger self-awareness and regulation. Through practices similar to grounding methods, breathwork, and visualisation, we can assist kids channel their power in constructive methods, fostering emotional resilience and inside calm.
  3. Creating Harmonious Group Dynamics: Teaching meditation to kids usually entails working in group settings, the place the collective power of the area considerably influences the educational expertise. By cultivating power consciousness inside ourselves and guiding kids to do the identical, we will create an atmosphere the place concord and coherence prevail. Techniques similar to conscious listening, empathetic communication, and group energy-balancing workouts assist foster a way of unity and mutual help, enriching the collective journey of self-discovery and development.

Top 3 tricks to grow to be power conscious

  1. Personal Practice: Cultivate your personal power consciousness by each day mindfulness practices. Tune into the delicate sensations inside your physique utilizing the senses and step past this to look at how your power interacts together with your atmosphere (individuals and locations) – pay explicit discover to when you’re feeling ungrounded.
  2. Observation: Observe the energetic dynamics current in your educating area and the youngsters you’re employed with. Notice any shifts in power and the way they impression the educational atmosphere.  Pay consideration to color, form, muddle and your personal emotional state as you enter the area.
  3. Intention Setting: Set clear intentions on your periods, specializing in making a harmonious and supportive environment. Infuse your educating with integrity and gratitude and if that isn’t potential, discover the response in kids whenever you don’t really feel the power of gratitude or integrity.


Why does power consciousness matter?

Energy consciousness is not only an idea; it’s a transformative observe that holds the ability to deepen our reference to ourselves and the youngsters we serve. By cultivating this consciousness, we will create a nurturing and empowering studying atmosphere the place each little one, no matter their talents, can thrive.

In the Connected Kids programme, along with explaining the researched advantages of meditation, we incorporate consciousness of power by the Chakra system – to assist each the youngsters we train and the accredited meditation academics we prepare.

“several scholars in the West have attempted to link the chakras with anatomical locations in the physical body. For example, the chakras have been theorized to align with several major nerve plexuses and endocrine glands.”

YogaU Online, January 2020


“These research, although few in quantity, recommend that the chakras could also be scientifically delineated, just like acupuncture factors and meridians which have distinctive electrical properties (Ahn et al., 2008) and potential anatomical correlates (Bai et al., 2011). “

Is there scientific proof for chakras?2022

Interested in an ‘energy awareness’ meditation?

If you want to strive one in all our power consciousness meditations that we observe at Connected Kids (and which connects into the essence of the work we do, you possibly can hear totally free.


How our Meditation Teacher Course Helps Professionals

For educators or professionals looking for to deepen their understanding and observe of meditation abilities for youngsters, the Connected Kids Professional Course presents a complete and accredited studying expertise. This certificated course supplies skilled instruments and techniques to coach you as a meditation trainer for youngsters and teenagers.

Professional Resources


Energy consciousness and children with SEN

The meditation and medical neighborhood are devoted to establishing the logic and reasoning behind the advantages of meditation for younger individuals.  However the delicate consciousness of power brings a complicated degree to the expertise:

Lorraine E Murray

Connected Kids Ltd


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