The Download: inside chipmaking big ASML, and why Taiwan loves Threads


On a colorless Monday February morning in California, on the drab San Jose Convention Center, attendees of the SPIE Advanced Lithography and Patterning Conference gathered to listen to tech business luminaries extol the late Gordon Moore, Intel’s cofounder and first CEO, who handed in March final yr. 

Moore is finest identified for pioneering Moore’s Law, the statement that the variety of transistors on an built-in circuit doubles each two years or so. But if Moore deserves credit score for creating the regulation that drove the progress of the business, it’s Dutch firm ASML, which makes the machines that in flip let producers produce probably the most superior pc chips on the planet, that deserves a lot of the credit score for guaranteeing that progress stays attainable. 

Yet that additionally means the strain is on. ASML has to proceed ensuring chipmakers can hold tempo with the regulation. Will that be attainable? Read the total story.

—Mat Honan & James O’Donnell

Why Threads is abruptly well-liked in Taiwan

For most individuals around the globe, Meta’s text-based social community Threads is a platform they doubtless haven’t considered for months. But for Liu, a design skilled in Taipei, it’s the place she’s receiving unprecedented consideration. 

She’s not the one individual feeling this surge of recognition. Threads has dominated app-store obtain charts in Taiwan for months. Prominent officers have arrange accounts, and it’s turn into the most well-liked platform amongst younger individuals. But Threads’ surprising success on the island is complicated, and precarious. Read the total story.


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