The Download: Tracing a mysterious covid pressure, and combating dengue with drones


3 What it’s prefer to obtain a brain-computer implant
Jeffrey Keefer, who has Parkinson’s, agreed to having the system briefly utilized to the floor of his mind. (WSJ $)
+ Former Neuralink employees suppose the agency is taking pointless dangers. (Vox)
+ How it feels to have a life-changing mind implant eliminated. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Tragic information tales drove readers to donate 1000’s of {dollars}
The solely downside is, the victims didn’t exist. (NBC News)
+ Surveillance firm Flock Safety claims to have solved 10% of reported US crime. Did it actually? (404 Media)

5 We’re nonetheless ready for AI we’re prepared to pay for
We take pleasure in mucking round with generative AI—however we don’t need to fork out to make use of it. (Bloomberg $)

6 A British-Italian firm claims to have found a greater solution to mine bitcoin
But crypto specialists scent a rat. (FT $)
+ Ethereum moved to proof of stake. Why can’t Bitcoin? (MIT Technology Review)

7 Brands depending on TikTok are getting anxious
There isn’t actually one other app or platform that will generate the identical sort of gross sales. (NYT $)
+ US lawmakers are being focused by indignant TikTok devotees. (WP $)
+ Nvidia is promoting its personal model of the viral Stanley cup. (Insider $)

8 Care robots haven’t lived as much as their hype
In some circumstances, they will hinder as a substitute of assist. (The Atlantic $)
+ Inside Japan’s lengthy experiment in automating elder care. (MIT Technology Review)

9 Theories of actuality are critically complicated
But a few of them are rather more consequential than others. (New Scientist $)
+ What is demise? (MIT Technology Review)

10 How Pixar’s software program modified film making perpetually
Starting with the stone chilly basic Toy Story. (IEEE Spectrum)


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