How to Do the Triceps Dips Exercise

How to Do the Triceps Dips Exercise

There aren’t many body weight actions that mobilize as a lot upper-body muscle because the triceps dip train. Spanning two joints and 4 main muscle groups, basic bar dips are an extremely easy and efficient approach to construct muscle and power in your triceps, chest, shoulders, and again — so long as they’re carried out safely and appropriately.

Here’s learn how to be sure you do them proper throughout your exercises.

Triceps Dips Exercise: Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Grab the parallel bars on a dip station and push your self up into the highest place. Your arms needs to be straight, shoulders down and again, core engaged, physique straight, and ankles crossed.
  • Keeping your forearms vertical and your elbows at your sides (not flared), bend your arms as you slowly decrease your self underneath management. Stop when your higher arms are parallel with the ground (your arms ought to type a 90-degree angle).
  • Pause, then push your self again as much as the beginning place.

Safety tip: It’s essential to keep away from dipping too low in triceps dips should you expertise shoulder ache in the course of the motion. The cause to keep away from letting your higher arms dip beneath parallel with the ground is that doing so may cause impingement of the shoulder.

Shoulder impingement can also be the rationale why it’s finest to keep away from performing bench dips. The extreme pressure positioned on the shoulders throughout this train will increase danger of harm.

Too exhausting? Beginners to bar dips can attempt one of many following modifications:

  1. Place a field or step underneath the bars and carry out the transfer on one or each toes.
  2. Secure a resistance band between the bars and place a knee or two within the loop as you carry out the train.

Muscles Worked by the Triceps Dips Exercise

Like any compound train, bar dips hit numerous muscle groups involving motion at a number of joints. This is a precept of purposeful health which, within the case of the triceps dips train, works the next muscle groups.


Anatomical Diagram of Tricep Muscles | Decline Bench Press

The muscle on the again of your higher arm, or humerus, includes two-thirds of its total mass. During the dips train, your triceps straightens your elbow.


chest muscle anatomy | chest muscles

Your chest consists of two muscle groups on both aspect: the pectoralis main and the pectoralis minor. The bigger pec main flexes (or raises) your humerus, whereas the pec minor beneath it attracts your shoulders downward throughout triceps dips.


shoulder deltoid anatomy | Shoulder Workouts

The muscle that presides above your arm consists of three totally different heads: the anterior, lateral, and posterior. Your anterior delt prompts in the course of the dips train, serving to to flex your humerus.

Latissimus dorsi

Back muscles - back stretches

Your higher physique’s largest muscle groups flank either side of your again. When performing bar dips, your lats draw your arms towards your physique’s midline.

How Can You Add Weight to Bar Dips?

If you wish to enhance load in the course of the triceps dips train you’ll be able to strap on a dip belt. Typically, dip belts characteristic a sequence or strap which you could loop by a weight plate. Just be sure you can carry out 10 or extra body weight dips earlier than you begin including to your load.


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