Remaining Respectful While Being Opposed by Ignorance and Inexperience


In this interview with Howie Mandel and his daughter, Jackelyn Shultz, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s information and poise shine by means of — at the same time as his motives and integrity are questioned. Kennedy stays respectful and is raring to have an open, sincere debate — a trait he says he discovered as a baby.

“I was raised in a milieu where we were taught every night to debate each other [and] hold opinions passionately,” Kennedy says.1 Now operating for president of the United States, Kennedy says he’s a favourite amongst folks underneath 35, girls with kids underneath 18 and different key teams — however not but amongst Baby Boomers.

“They don’t like me because they get their news from TV. And people who get their news from TV are going to have a very low opinion of me because the television networks are, you know, uniformly against me.”2

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennedy was a frequent visitor on CNN, MSNBC and different media retailers — till he began saying controversial issues. He’s since been closely censored, however his want to talk the reality to the American folks has prevailed.

Kennedy Shares Realities About the Ukraine War

U.S. meddling within the Ukraine battle reveals that it isn’t prepared to relinquish its imperialistic tendencies. But censorship has silenced any open dialogue that goes in opposition to the official narrative on the conflict in Ukraine.

The mainstream media are clear of their message that the Ukraine conflict is the results of an unprovoked and unjustified invasion, however there’s a historical past to it. Russia has lengthy been very clear about the truth that it won’t enable Ukraine to hitch NATO, for the easy incontrovertible fact that it will place a NATO army presence proper on its border. Russia needs Ukraine to stay an unbiased “buffer zone” between itself and NATO international locations.

“The entire Russian leadership was horrified about the idea of NATO going into Ukraine just as we wouldn’t allow Russia to put bases in Mexico or Canada,” Kennedy says.3 Rather than selling peace, the U.S. has pushed for the escalation of battle in a conflict that’s probably not about defending democracy.

“Eisenhower made this extraordinary speech — and probably we should regard it as the most important speech in American history — where he warned America about the emergence of a military-industrial complex that would transform our exemplary democracy into imperium abroad with endless wars and a surveillance state.”4

Lies About COVID Shots

Mandel tries to label Kennedy an “antivaxxer,” however he once more shares the info about his stance on vaccines, together with COVID-19 pictures. “If you show me a vaccine that was safe and effective that did what it was supposed to do, I would have no problem with it,” Kennedy says.5

“The problem that I have with vaccines I think is a problem that every American would have if they knew the truth, which is that vaccines are the only medical product that are exempt from safety testing,” he says.6 While they’re examined for efficacy, the security element is lacking:7

“The FDA requires that prior to license you have Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 efficacy testing … they don’t require safety testing … if a vaccine is going to save you from COVID but raise your heart attack rate by 500%, it is effective against COVID but it’s not safe.”

Kennedy mentioned he didn’t get a COVID-19 shot as a result of “I read the safety study, and the Pfizer study showed that there were … 23% more [deaths] among vaccinated people than there were among unvaccinated.”8 Meanwhile, Mandel tries to say that well being officers by no means mentioned COVID-19 pictures would forestall COVID, however Kennedy gives a number of examples exhibiting this to be false. Software engineer Chief Nerd tweeted:9

“Howie Mandel Tries to Rewrite History on the COVID Vaccine & Immediately Gets Schooled by RFK Jr. HOWIE: ‘They never said you won’t get COVID’ RFK JR: ‘I saw a tape yesterday of them all saying it … Can I play it for you?’ HOWIE: ‘Well, wait wait wait … It doesn’t matter what Rachel Maddow said.’”

The Real Reason Why Doctors Didn’t Treat COVID?

Kennedy’s 2021 guide, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” grew to become a runaway greatest vendor, promoting over 1,000,000 copies, regardless of unprecedented censorship. He describes a coalition of sinister forces — intelligence businesses, pharmaceutical firms, social media titans, medical bureaucracies, mainstream media and the army — that used well being disaster to impose totalitarian management worldwide.

He shares how COVID-19 lockdowns prompted 3.3 million companies to close down, lots of which won’t reopen. According to Kennedy, 41% of Black-owned companies that closed through the pandemic are completely bankrupt, “and a lot of them had three generations of equity in them.”

Further, $4 trillion was shifted from the American center class to a brand new oligarchy of billionaires.10 Meanwhile, the federal government fining folks for spending time outside whereas refusing to deal with sick COVID sufferers in hospitals defied all widespread sense and purpose. Kennedy shares the underlying motives:11

“They weren’t treating folks. It’s the primary time there’s been a respiratory sickness in historical past — in the event you go to hospital with a flu, they’re going to provide you with one thing for all of your signs — they mentioned no nothing [for COVID]. Why had been they doing that? …

Because there’s a little-known federal legislation that claims if there may be an current drug that has been authorised for any function that’s demonstrated efficient in opposition to the goal sickness, it’s unlawful to grant an emergency use authorization for a vaccine for that illness.”

Regulatory Capture Is Putting Americans at Risk

Kennedy states vaccines are one issue within the epidemics of continual illness and autism in kids, however there are numerous different components as nicely. He mentions atrazine, glyphosate, without end chemical substances and excessive fructose corn syrup for starters, together with mobile phone radiation. But whereas public well being businesses conduct analysis on medicine and vaccines, they’re not trying into the underlying causes of continual ailments dealing with Americans:12

“All our youngsters at the moment are swimming round in a poisonous soup and we’ve a public well being company — NIH [National Institutes of Health] — that was once the premier public well being company on the planet. It has a finances of $42 billion a yr. It distributes that cash to 56,000 scientists in analysis establishments and universities. We’re purported to be doing analysis to guard public well being. Why is no one doing analysis to determine what’s inflicting these epidemics?

… If you attempt to do this analysis you are going to get profession punishment for doing it and the NIH won’t fund it. What they may fund is … analysis on medicine to deal with meals allergy symptoms. They’ll fund analysis on medicine to deal with bronchial asthma however they won’t take a look at what’s inflicting it and that information is on the market.”

Describing the state of affairs as “agency capture on steroids,” Kennedy makes use of the instance of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which will get 50% of its finances from pharmaceutical firms. The NIH, in the meantime, owns hundreds of pharmaceutical patents, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spends $4.9 billion a yr out of its $12 billion finances shopping for and distributing vaccines.

“It is the biggest vaccine company in the world,” Kennedy says. The NIH truly owns half the patent for Moderna’s COVID-19 injection.13 Further, he says, “If you’re a scientist at NIH and you work on a product that then becomes a pharmaceutical drug, you get to keep royalties on that product for $150,000 a year. And NIH can keep 50% of the royalties.”14

Because most authorities businesses have been captured by the industries they’re supposed to control, democracy has been subverted, as they’re now not working for the American folks. They’re working for large companies which are always placing revenue above security. But Kennedy, an legal professional, says that, as president, he may go in and repair these corrupted businesses in a single day:15

“I understand how to repair these businesses. When you sue these businesses you get a Ph.D. on how you can unravel them. I do know the people in numerous these businesses which are inflicting the issue. I’ve sued I’ve sued NIH, CDC, FDA, EPA, FCC [Federal Communications Commission]. I simply gained within the court docket of appeals in opposition to the FCC for mendacity to the general public about mobile phone radiation and the risks of that.

Right now, I’m representing a thousand households in East Palestine, Ohio, whose lives had been upended by the Norfolk Southern spill. And that is all due to company seize at dot that spill occurred due to company seize. It is a direct negligence by DOT [Department of Transportation]. I understand how to repair this stuff. I’m going to go in there and I’m going to repair them in a single day.”

Kennedy’s Answer to the Housing Crisis — Give Everyone a ‘Rich Uncle’

Kennedy additionally touches on the housing disaster, as younger folks and the center class grow to be more and more pushed out of the American dream. An ideal storm of rising rates of interest and excessive housing costs have priced many individuals out of the market.16

But there are different components at play, together with record-low stock17 and competitors from company buyers, who buy houses in money about 75% of the time.18 Kennedy says he has an answer that may stage the enjoying subject and make dwelling possession extra attainable:19

“I’ve an intensive plan for how you can get this technology of children of their housing … housing costs have gone up from $215,000 two years in the past to $400,000 at the moment. Interest charges have gone up from 3% to nearly 8% …

I’m going to supply a legislation that may penalize massive firms, massive funding corporations from proudly owning a number of items of single-family housing so it’s going to now not be worthwhile. And that may launch an incredible quantity of housing again into {the marketplace}.

… Right now children are competing in opposition to Blackrock’s financial institution guide so … what I’m going to do is I’m going to concern a brand new class of … Treasury Bills at 3% curiosity to people who find themselves shopping for single household houses, notably younger folks and academics, and I’m going to fund that by issuing these Treasury Bills. I’m going to concern mortgages at 3% …

You know when you’ve got a wealthy uncle who will co-sign your mortgage, you may get a a lot better price as a result of the financial institution is basing their rate of interest not in your awful credit standing however in your uncle’s improbable credit standing. I’m going to provide all people a wealthy uncle — all these younger folks — which is Uncle Sam, which goes to ensure your mortgage so that you get that 3% price.”

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