What Are ‘Missed Period Pills,’ and How Do They Work?


Cari Siestra first realized about menstrual regulation once they had been engaged on the Myanmar-Thailand border. At the time, abortion was broadly criminalized in each international locations. But if an individual’s interval was late, it was comparatively straightforward to get entry to capsules that may induce menstruation in only a few days. In Bangladesh, the place abortion is basically unlawful, menstrual regulation is accessible as much as 10 weeks after a missed interval, and public well being advocates routinely discuss it as a promising approach to scale back maternal mortality and charges of unsafe abortion.

Menstrual regulation isn’t fully unknown within the United States. Melissa Grant, chief operations officer and cofounder of Carafem, recollects buddies who would have their durations introduced again via guide vacuum aspiration within the Eighties, when early being pregnant assessments weren’t as widespread. But in recent times, it hasn’t been a widespread possibility, and for some time, Siestra wasn’t certain if there was a spot for menstrual regulation within the US.

But as abortion has turn into more and more stigmatized and criminalized all through the US, they’ve joined with different advocates to boost consciousness of this novel type of fertility administration that exists someplace between emergency contraception and abortion. As director of The Period Pills Project, Siestra has labored to make menstrual regulation—or, as they name the follow, missed interval capsules—out there in all 50 states. Here’s a information to every part you must learn about this under-discussed technique of contraception.

What are Missed Period Pills?

The capsules are mifepristone and misoprostol, the identical FDA-approved medicines which are used for abortion. The first tablet, mifepristone, blocks progesterone and stops any potential being pregnant from growing additional. Misoprostol is taken 24 hours later and kick-starts uterine contractions that vacant the contents of the uterus. Whether or not you’re pregnant, misoprostol will induce bleeding, bringing your interval again.

Who Are They For?

Anyone who has missed a interval and simply needs to carry their interval again with out the trouble of a being pregnant take a look at or ultrasound. In some instances, that features individuals who really feel extra snug with missed interval capsules than abortion. But there are additionally individuals who know they don’t wish to be pregnant and don’t wish to have to leap via hoops or wait a number of weeks to get an abortion. According to household medication doctor Michele Gomez, who’s been offering interval capsules out of Family Care Associates in Burlingame, California, since May 2022, interval tablet sufferers are usually on the youthful facet, partially as a result of “they are so on top of their periods. I didn’t have period-tracking apps when I was growing up, but this generation does. They know when they are late, and they just don’t want to wait around,” she says.

There’s additionally cause to imagine that missed interval capsules can be a highly regarded possibility in the event that they had been broadly out there. A research performed by Gynuity Health Projects discovered that 42 % of people that’d arrived at a well being clinic searching for a being pregnant take a look at can be fascinated about missed interval capsules. Among individuals who stated they’d be sad in the event that they had been pregnant, the speed of curiosity was a whopping 70 %.

Do You Need an Ultrasound and Positive Pregnancy Test?

Nope! Although many abortion suppliers require these procedures earlier than meting out abortion capsules, analysis has proven that individuals can safely take the capsules with out an ultrasound or constructive being pregnant take a look at.

Are There Any Risks?

If somebody has an ectopic being pregnant—a being pregnant the place the egg implants within the fallopian tube relatively than the uterus—missed interval capsules received’t work. Though they’re very uncommon, ectopic pregnancies are extremely harmful and must be addressed as quickly as potential to forestall potential issues. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, the CEO of Power to Decide and a practising gynecologist, says that should you don’t have bleeding two days after taking the capsules, that might imply you may have an ectopic being pregnant. Another signal is ache within the pelvic space. (Your supplier can assist you determine the distinction between regular cramping and ache that could be an ectopic being pregnant.)

There’s additionally the likelihood that the capsules received’t work. Siestra recommends ready 4 or 5 days after a missed interval to extend their effectiveness. If you’re unsure whether or not the capsules labored, or should you nonetheless really feel pregnant even after taking them, you’ll be able to at all times search follow-up care. Gomez additionally recommends taking a house being pregnant take a look at 4 to 5 weeks after taking the capsules to substantiate you don’t have an ongoing being pregnant.

What About Legal Risks?

If you reside in a state the place abortion is authorized, then there’s no drawback. Your physician has the appropriate to prescribe medicines as they deem applicable, and menstrual regulation is a superbly applicable use of mifepristone and misoprostol.

If you reside in a state the place abortion is against the law, it’s extra sophisticated. In numerous states, laws referred to as “shield laws” defend suppliers who wish to serve sufferers in locations the place abortion is criminalized—and in Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, and Washington, there are particular protections in place for telemedicine suppliers who ship abortion capsules to anti-abortion states. Because of that, it’s potential to get missed interval capsules in all 50 states.

But there nonetheless could possibly be authorized issues. Right now, missed interval capsules exist in a authorized grey space, and it’s unclear whether or not anti-abortion states will try to come back after them. If you may have authorized questions or face criminalization for taking missed interval capsules, If When How can at all times assist.

Isn’t This Just an Abortion?

Yes and no. Because missed interval capsules are taken with none affirmation of a being pregnant—and, doubtlessly, earlier than it’s even potential to know should you’re pregnant—there’s no approach to say whether or not they’re really terminating a being pregnant. It’s potential that they’re terminating an early being pregnant; it’s additionally potential that they’re merely kick-starting a interval that’s been delayed for different causes.

In some methods, missed interval capsules are a return to an earlier mind-set about being pregnant. Siestra factors out that in lots of cultures, early pregnancies are seen as tenuous and unconfirmed—a perception that is smart given the substantial variety of pregnancies that end up to not be viable. Embracing the grey space of missed interval capsules may give us a extra nuanced understanding of the complexities of being pregnant whereas additionally offering a technique of fertility administration which will really feel extra snug to individuals who’ve grown up seeing abortion as stigmatized.

How Much Does This Cost?

It varies from supplier to supplier, however the common vary is about $150 to $250—the identical as an abortion with capsules. Depending in your insurance coverage, chances are you’ll not must pay the total value out of pocket, and funding is accessible for individuals who want monetary help. Plan C can also be working with an Indian pharmacy to supply a extra inexpensive possibility: a equipment that features mifepristone, misoprostol, and ibuprofen, all for simply $25.

Where Do I Get Missed Period Pills?

The Period Pills Project has a listing of suppliers in all 50 states. In some instances, suppliers will even do advance provision, sending you the capsules earlier than you’ve missed your interval, so you may have them simply in case you want them.


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