10 Crazy Yoga Poses We Found On Instagram


Doing yoga is an unimaginable method to calm your thoughts, physique, and spirit. Its record of advantages runs a mile lengthy, and contains weight reduction, higher sleep, improved reminiscence, elevated flexibility and power, and even lowered signs of tension and stress.

There’s rather a lot to like in regards to the follow of yoga, however let’s face it: Some yoga poses can get fairly funky, to say the least. You know those we’re speaking about.

Poses that embrace backbends in ways in which no again ought to ever bend. Poses the place sure physique components are positioned manner too near different physique components. And poses that just about contain not having a rib cage.

For the sake of a great snort, we’ve determined to compile a few of the craziest, weirdest, most weird yoga poses we might discover. Namaste.

1. Ear Pressure Pose (Karnapidasana)

At first look, ear stress pose, or knee-to-ear pose, form of seems to be like pet pose till you notice it’s important to be the wrong way up. Unlike a few of these different poses, ear stress pose doesn’t have to be mixed with anything to look completely insane.

2. Yogic Sleep Pose (Yoganidrasana)

When airways say you may take one carry-on, they don’t imply it’s important to change into the carry-on. We know that is known as the yogic sleep pose or yoganidrasana, however how is she wanting so peaceable when her LEG is behind her HEAD? So confused. Much impressed.

3. Feet to Head Pose (Sirsa Padasana)

Officially, this one’s a variation of sirsa padasana, or ft to move pose, however we’re unofficially calling it “I’m missing a few vertebra.” But hey, that is positively one method to stretch out after consuming an excessive amount of!

4. One-Armed Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana)

Side crow as a base with some form of loopy high leg contortion, this pose requires some subsequent degree glute/hamstring/hip flexor power and suppleness, plus the added ability to defy the bodily legal guidelines of the human physique.

5. Scorpion Pose (Vrschikasana)

Why accept doing scorpion pose in your forearms when you are able to do it in your HANDS? Also generally known as our go-to Saturday evening pose after we’re ready for our meals to be delivered. It’s chill.

(Disclaimer: The remainder of these poses don’t have official names, however right here’s what we predict they need to be named.)

6. Breakdancer Pose

This loopy riff on a headstand makes us query every little thing about how the human physique strikes. We don’t actually know what’s occurring right here, however we do know we’d die attempting it.

7. Lizard Bench Pose

This is a variation on the lizard pose, if stated lizard was attempting to change into a bench. That would look nice in my lounge!

8. Happiest Baby Pose

Him: Flexibility is attractive.


But significantly, props to this woman for smiling by means of this ridiculousness. Also, the place’s her torso?

9. Human Pretzel Pose

Part lotus pose variation, half yoga knot, half madness. Is there actually ever a necessity for all of your physique components to be that shut to one another?

10. Bow and Arrow Pose

Two phrases: ouch and ouch. This pose seems to be prefer it took years to grasp, and the blessing of a yoga god to rearrange how your hips work. His physique says, “I can do anything,” however his face says, “Why am I like this?”


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