3 simple, conscious concepts for autumn


Autumn Meditation Ideas for Kids and Teens

Autumn offers all kinds of sights, sounds, and sensations to discover by meditation as we begin to witness the colourful colors of summer season fade into  heat, golden hues.

It’s the proper time to deliver some conscious apply into your every day life and check out a few of these easy meditations to assist kids and younger folks connect with the autumnal power of the equinox.

Help your kids adapt to vary

Autumn offers an ideal instance of change and transition and with conscious consciousness we are able to use this as a backdrop to assist younger folks deal with change.  Mindful and artistic actions we’ve listed can assist this apply.

Nature Walk Meditation

Studies demonstarte that being in nature has a constructive impact on our wellbeing and well being.  Although we affiliate outside with spring and summer season, autumn additionally offers a wide range of alternatives to tune in and be conscious.

We can assist younger folks improve their focus throughout a nature stroll if we information them to

  • discover the rustling leaves,
  • really feel the crispness within the air,
  • take note of the the earthy scents
  • or discover the number of shapes, colors and textures of the fallen leaves.
  • The solar additionally takes on a golden hue and might really feel completely different if we take time to note it.

Leaf Magic Mindfulness

Collect a wide range of vibrant fallen leaves and invite kids and teenagers to sit down comfortably, holding a leaf of their fingers.

Ask them to watch each element of the leaf – its form, colour, texture, and any imperfections. Then, information them to shut their eyes and visualise the tree that the leaf got here from and the feeling of letting go.  Guide them to think about that they’re that tree and that with every breath they’re letting go of leaves – each symbolising a sense or thought they wish to launch.

Falling Leaves Gratitude Practice

The power of gratitude generally is a highly effective, psychological gamechanger if children and teenagers are struggling.  Ask them to sit down down with a bit of paper and a few colored pencils. Using some leaves, get them to hint across the form of the leaves after which in every leaf to write down or draw one thing they really feel grateful for.

You can improve the apply by inviting them to color of their drawing and minimize out every leaf they’ll dangle of their room or on an previous department that holds all everyones power of gratitude.

Connected Kids Club Meditations

Pumpkin Power pumpkin in a field - pumpkin power meditation for children

We can be releasing just a few new meditations for youngsters known as ‘pumpkin power’ and ‘No ordinary tree’ by the top of October 2023.  If you want to hearken to this at no cost please take a look at our Connected Kids membership that gives soothing and fascinating meditations for youngsters, teenagers and adults – recorded by the founding father of Connected Kids – Lorraine E Murray.

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Photo by Marius Ciocirlan on Unsplash


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