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Published on: 08 Sep 2023

What Is Gender Blindness

Gender blindness, a time period that is perhaps unfamiliar and is commonly misunderstood, has a number of meanings and vital implications — each for society and in interpersonal relationships. 

The idea can check with the disregard or ignorance of gender being a consider decision-making behind insurance policies or practices. For instance, we see this in “gender-blind hiring” processes, the place in an effort to scale back gender bias, gender isn’t thought-about as functions and resumes are being reviewed. The follow sounds wonderful on paper, however as we’ll focus on right here, the result isn’t at all times as useful as anticipated.  

Gender blindness may also be a time period used when discussing sexuality. Someone who’s gender blind won’t view gender as a consider attraction. They may determine as both bisexual (drawn to a number of genders) or pansexual (drawn to all genders). 

A standard false impression is that gender blindness implies an absence of gender. Rather, it signifies a failure to think about the affect and significance of gender. It’s essential to know what gender blindness really means to keep away from the pitfalls of the follow. A real understanding can pave the way in which towards extra inclusive societies the place equality thrives past conventional gender roles and gender stereotypes. 

Keep studying to discover the idea of gender blindness.

Understanding Gender Blindness

The time period gender blindness refers to ignoring or overlooking the importance of gender as a consider life. It’s not a denial of gender itself. Regardless of intent, we should concentrate on gender blindness. It could be extremely dangerous and truly work to additional gender inequality because it blatantly overlooks the variations between completely different gender identities

Research suggests gender blindness can sabotage a social-ecological system’s resilience by fostering attitudes that encourage the ignoring of ongoing points associated to gender, like unconscious bias and gender discrimination. It also can significantly downplay the necessity to embrace gender variety.

The roots of gender blindness

In many cultures, positions historically related to masculine names have created male-dominated environments. The result’s a tradition that disregards individuality, with perceived notions about masculinity and femininity changing into commonplace, resulting in gender-blind conduct.

The perspective ignores ongoing points associated to biases in opposition to those that don’t match neatly into preconceived classes. Further, it promotes discriminatory actions that may negatively influence gender fairness.  

Stereotypes contributing to gender blindness

A key contributor to gender blindness is the stereotypical function that revolves round deeply entrenched beliefs about “appropriate” behaviors for males versus girls — from occupational selections to non-public pursuits to hobbies and extra.

Culturally ingrained variations additionally play a task. They may encourage biased pondering that exacerbates conditions. Mainstream expectations may end up in some folks conforming to societal norms somewhat than expressing themselves freely and with out worry.

Gender Blindness vs. Gender Neutrality

The discourse round gender typically consists of the phrases gender blindness and gender neutrality. Though these phrases appear comparable on the floor, they’ve distinctive meanings.

Gender blindness

Gender blindness is a perspective that disregards intercourse or recognized gender. For some, the method has good intentions, aiming to advertise equality by treating everybody uniformly no matter gender.

Some argue the mindset could be useful — like an effort to thwart conventional masculinity that’s hooked up to roles and results in bias. For occasion, male-dominated environments, like tech corporations, may profit from adopting gender-blind practices throughout hiring processes.

That mentioned, critics of gender blindness word that utterly overlooking variations between sexes and genders can perpetuate dangerous stereotypes and biases, not handle them instantly.

Gender neutrality

The expression “gender-neutral” considers present completely different genders whereas striving to not assign roles based mostly on intercourse or recognized gender.  

The ideology promotes acceptance with out implementing norms primarily rooted in binary pondering. Gender neutrality can allow and encourage embracing variations amongst nonbinary folks and cisgender and transgender identities. 

A easy instance is youngsters’s toys — as an alternative of labeling for boys or for ladies, producers who undertake a gender-neutral technique can produce and promote merchandise as appropriate for all youngsters, no matter perceived gender. Another instance will not be assigning bogs to “Men” or “Women.” 

Differentiating between gender blindness and gender neutrality

Both approaches promote fairness by recognizing distinctive wants somewhat than utilizing uniform therapy. However, an altogether “blind” method can unintentionally perpetuate systemic inequalities by ignoring inherent societal disparities between sexes and genders.

Achieving equal alternatives requires taking lively measures as an alternative of ignoring particular person traits which might be tied to id.

The Impacts of Gender Blindness

Gender blindness has each constructive and adverse features. While on the one hand, it may well promote equality by not contemplating somebody’s recognized intercourse, ignoring gender variations typically overlooks or blatantly ignores ongoing gender-related points.

The constructive sides

When utilized appropriately inside context, a gender-blind method can have some constructive results, together with: 

  • Starting to dismantle stereotypes related to particular genders, for instance, the confirmed gender bias within the science, know-how, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.
  • Helping society decide folks based mostly on aptitudes as an alternative of preconceived notions.
  • Expanding alternative for all.
  • Improving office confidence, particularly for ladies.
  • Eliminating sexual and home violence legal guidelines written underneath the idea that solely girls could be victimized.  

The methodology additionally opens the door to recognizing that titles pushed by masculine names — equivalent to “fireman” or “mailman” — could make some roles much less accessible for these figuring out as cisgender or transgender.

The adverse results

Despite potential advantages, vital drawbacks could be tied to taking an totally blind method towards gender. Some main issues embrace:

  • Being blind to all gender-related points may end in ignoring or lacking discrimination. 
  • Potential for overcorrecting that leads to (perceived or precise) particular therapy.

“While gender blindness can have a positive impact, some disadvantages to this approach exist. It significantly downplays the struggles and discriminations that have occurred for various genders historically and currently. It negates the need for reasonable accommodations as egregious. For instance, the need for parental leave can differ based on gender. However, it does not take into account a single parent of any gender.”

Talkspace therapist Minkyung Chung, MS, LMHC

Why We Should Promote Gender Neutrality

The idea of gender neutrality embraces a broad spectrum, together with nonbinary and transgender identities. It encourages an surroundings the place individuals are handled equally, no matter gender id.

Achieving true gender neutrality calls for that we acknowledge and handle culturally ingrained gender variations to foster a extra equitable environment and create alternatives the place everybody can flourish.

Promoting equality by gender neutrality

Gender neutrality is basically about selling equality. It goals to get rid of biases based mostly on conventional masculinity or different stereotypical indicators we affiliate with intercourse or a perceived function in society.

The follow discourages discrimination in opposition to cisgender girls in male-dominated environments. It additionally helps those that determine exterior the standard male-female dichotomy by specializing in particular person capabilities somewhat than the preconceived notions tied to organic intercourse or id.

Fostering inclusivity with a gender-neutral method

Incorporating a gender-neutral method can foster inclusivity by acknowledging numerous identities whereas making certain honest therapy. Instead of ignoring the variations underneath the guise of being “gender blind,” the tactic celebrates variety and promotes social acceptance.

In quick, transferring away from stereotypes linked with particular genders opens alternatives, no matter sexual orientation or gender expression.

“Gender neutrality helps in promoting equality by removing gender-specific descriptions for roles that were traditionally gender specific. For instance, more families are deciding that a father stays home with their children rather than the mother. So reframing the term stay-at-home-mother to stay-at-home-parent promotes the acceptance that any gender parent can fulfill that role.”

Talkspace therapist Minkyung Chung, MS, LMHC

Support for the Negative Impacts of Gender Blindness

Gender blindness is a societal assemble that overlooks the affect of gender in our lives. Talkspace is an on-line remedy platform that gives psychological well being assist for anybody who’s fighting gender bias, exploring sexual id, or has every other wants. Talkspace affords an inclusive surroundings the place it’s doable to specific issues freely about any type of discrimination — together with these ensuing from misguided makes an attempt at being “blind” in the direction of gender variations. 

Talkspace therapists are educated to know the identity-based struggles and challenges marginalized communities typically face, with an emphasis on LGBTQIA+ remedy that makes enough psychological well being care accessible and reasonably priced for all people. A Talkspace therapist could be instrumental in countering dangerous results that end result from gender blindness.

By fostering gender consciousness and sensitivity, Talkspace generally is a essential useful resource, successfully mitigating the adverse implications that stem from (typically unintentional, but nonetheless damaging) penalties of adopting overly simplistic gender-blind views.


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