How can I get medical insurance if I don’t have any staff? – New York Well being Insurance coverage


We get calls from many accountants and CPAs in addition to small enterprise house owners who need to get medical insurance for a enterprise that doesn’t have any staff apart from the proprietor or the proprietor’s partner.  They’ve been closed out of the small group market as a result of the Inexpensive Care Act has decided them to not qualify for small enterprise medical insurance since they don’t make use of a ‘frequent regulation’ worker. Which means somebody aside from the proprietor and/or the proprietor’s partner.

Thankfully, there are some carriers that can enable a enterprise on this state of affairs to have one other non-spouse shareholder added to their company who will likely be lively within the enterprise 20 hours or extra per week however won’t should enroll or draw wage in the event that they produce other legitimate well being protection.

So, in essence if in case you have a baby 18 years or older, a father or mother on Medicare, or a sibling who has spousal protection elsewhere and also you add them as a 2% or extra shareholder, you can be eligible for small group medical insurance with a few carriers in NY.

The brand new shareholder doesn’t should be on payroll and if complete shareholders are 2 or much less then you definitely shouldn’t have to hold WC or Incapacity insurance coverage both.  They must attest to working 20 hours per week or extra however you may assign workplace work, bookkeeping or gross sales duties to fulfill this want. There is no such thing as a payroll required so so long as they attest to working 20 hours or extra, they’ll legally waive protection in the event that they produce other legitimate protection (parental, spousal, Medicare, Medicaid) after which the enterprise proprietor solely can enroll on a small marketing strategy.

The good thing about with the ability to acquire small group protection in NY vs the person market is big. Particular person market supplier networks are sometimes a lot smaller, don’t embrace the highest hospitals and docs, and don’t cowl docs and hospitals exterior of the native space if not an emergency.

Plus, small group plans are a deductible expense for a small enterprise (please seek the advice of together with your accountant).

In case you have been in search of methods to get group medical insurance when you will have beforehand been declined or bumped into lifeless ends, arrange a digital cup of espresso with us right now! You too can name us immediately to debate at 631-207-1800.

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