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Most individuals by no means get on their roof after a hurricane. For a lot of, they can not bodily achieve this, and it might be harmful for them to try to climb up and examine the roof for harm. Lastly, even when a policyholder climbed up and inspected for roof harm, would they know what to search for?

I considered this yesterday after I requested a shopper if his roof had harm. His response went one thing like this:

Chip, the wind insurance coverage adjuster got here out to examine the roof. I couldn’t stand up there to take a look at it. The roof is 40 ft within the air. The adjuster didn’t take a look at it both as a result of he solely introduced a 20-foot ladder. I’m a software program developer. I do not know what I might be on the lookout for.

So right here is the take a look at for our readers—does the picture on this weblog present hurricane harm, and why?

I’ll give the reply tomorrow.

For many policyholders in Collier County following Hurricane Ian, chances are high you have got some sort of roof harm. The intense wind speeds beg for some sort of injury, even when delicate and infrequently not inside your experience to find out. Inspection shouldn’t be to simply the outside however the inside attic space as properly. Ready for leaks to happen will not be the best way to find out if a roof has been broken from Hurricane Ian.

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