is anthony william a quack?


I just lately posted a Reel about Anthony William, the Medical Medium. For some motive, persons are nonetheless commenting on the video, though it’s months previous.

This led me to imagine that I wanted to write down a follow-up to my Medical Medium cleanse publish from 2021.

In doing analysis for this Medical Medium overview replace, I found out that Anthony William has truly blocked me on Instagram. Fortunately he hasn’t blocked my canine, whose account I used to get all the photographs and a few info you see under. Thanks, Sammy!

Most of us know {that a} spirit has apparently been giving William vitamin recommendation since he was 4 years previous. He has constructed fairly the empire on this doubtful supply of data.

William is thought for being the inventor of the celery juice pattern, however that’s not all he has invented. You’ll know what I imply in a minute.

To start, I can’t write about William with out writing about EBV.

Epstein-Barr virus – the conveniently imprecise scapegoat.

Epstein Barr virus (EBV)  is throughout William’s content material. It’s an excellent instance of how he appears to make use of thriller, vagueness, guarantees, and no science in any respect to promote his narrative.

EBV is prevalent – 90% of the inhabitants has been contaminated by it of their lifetimes. It’s additionally imprecise sufficient that folks with medical questions that haven’t any solutions, can simply be satisfied that their concern stems from EBV…and that is precisely what’s taking place.

William declares that EBV is answerable for ‘mysterious’ signs and sicknesses of each form. He believes EBV causes menopause. He says it results in power fatigue, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, lupus, thyroid illness, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Though a current overview on EBV revealed in Nature drew a correlation between EBV and MS, this doesn’t equal causation. This overview additionally doesn’t affirm that EBV ‘causes’ all the pieces William says it does.

The issue with William’s EBV concept is that out of the 90% of people that have been contaminated with Epstein-Barr, the overwhelming majority of them don’t undergo any adverse results in consequence

Sure, the virus lies dormant in our our bodies, so in case you go on the lookout for it to elucidate your signs, you’ll in all probability discover it (as a result of most of us have it). That’s an entire completely different factor than proving that EPV is inflicting your sickness.

EBV can be incurable, however to not the Medical Medium!

To ‘heal’ your EBV, William suggests folks eat a number of fruit and veggies. He additionally recommends an enormous listing of dietary supplements, and conveniently hyperlinks each to his affiliate. 

medical medium review
When somebody says {that a} meals ‘creates an alkaline enviroment within the physique,’ you realize that they don’t science.
Many of the claims above seem to have come from William’s creativeness. They definitely aren’t supported by science.
medical medium brain saver
KA-CHING! Don’t fall for this, please.

With a purpose to improve peoples’ suspicion with mainstream drugs that hasn’t been in a position to give them solutions, William typically throws in one thing about the way it hasn’t but caught as much as the ‘information.’ He claims to know higher than docs, as a result of, nicely…Spirit advised him.

That is straight off the MM web site:

Medical communities haven’t any understanding that lupus is simply the physique reacting to Epstein-Barr’s byproducts and neurotoxins….Medical analysis has not but uncovered the true causes of thyroid issues, and it’s nonetheless a long time away from discovering that EBV is the virus that causes them.

Possibly that’s as a result of the medical neighborhood makes use of precise analysis and science? It could possibly take a long time to ascertain a relationship between X and Y, and with out that proof, docs can’t responsibly deal with your sicknesses. This isn’t as a result of they don’t wish to; it’s as a result of they took an oath to guard you from unproven and probably dangerous interventions. 

On this publish, William claims that he is aware of what causes ulcerative colitis, however the medical neighborhood doesn’t: 

medical medium quack

To even counsel that he is aware of greater than skilled physicians is extremely offensive to those that have devoted their lives to utilizing science to assist folks with this situation. 

He claims that ADHD is just not genetic (we all know that it’s). As a substitute, he tells us that it’s brought on by heavy metals and ‘toxins.’ In concept, then, eradicating these ‘toxins’ from the physique would ‘treatment’ ADHD. 

medical medium brain saver

That’s a handy approach to promote his heavy metallic cleanse. It’s additionally absolute ignorant rubbish that he can’t truly show, which is par for the course. William does appear to have a complete hard-on for heavy metallic detoxes, which he claims might help autism, ADHD, OCD, melancholy, anxiousness, MS, Parkinson’s, tics, and addictions, amongst different diagnoses.

That could be a disgusting, irresponsible, and harmful factor to inform folks. Nothing about his detox shake ‘heals’ these very critical situations. Telling those who they will trigger constructive modifications of their signs from a easy drink could cause them to ignore medical recommendation and discontinue important medicines.

So far as celery juice, there are no high quality research from the final ten years involving celery juice and any healing outcomes to sickness and/or illness. It’s hydrating, and it’s not harmful, but it surely’s not a miracle something. Additionally: the ‘cluster salts’ that William claims are what make this juice particular, don’t exist.

As a result of William claims to deal with quite a few signs that may very well be attributed to many sicknesses and way of life elements, there’s typically no manner for his followers to know if 1. they’ve what he says they’ve and a couple of. in the event that they’re being ‘cured’ of it.

This can be a frequent trick within the wellness business. Inform those who they’ve one thing scary that they will’t take a look at for, then promote them the answer that they will’t show truly labored.

Compounding this by currying mistrust within the medical neighborhood ensures that William can push his personal agenda each additional. However this behaviour could be lethal. 

When folks delay life-saving medical therapy for critical sickness in favour of his protocols and detoxes, it may be detrimental. As we all know, individuals who do that typically have poor outcomes.

This particular person’s posts are an excellent instance of that. Right here, she’s saying that folks have cured their most cancers by following the Medical Medium’s recommendation.

medical medium review
Oh hey, you’re placing out actually horrible info right here. Additionally, why is that orange shiny?

Right here’s she’s telling folks to go taper down their anxiousness medicines as they do the Medical Medium protocols.

medical medium quack
Despite the fact that she recommends doing this with a health care provider, that is known as ‘giving folks false hope.’

She’s not alone – there are lots of people utilizing the Medical Medium’s content material to persuade their viewers to make ill-informed selections.

Medical Medium and chemical substances.

Medical Medium is all about meals as drugs. One among his MOs is to inform those who they’re consuming one thing horrible for them *gasp* CHEMICALS!!!, then are available like a knight in shining armour with the TRUTH:

medical medium brain saver
medical medium review
medical medium brain saver
The phrase ‘contaminated’ and ‘bugs’ are shameless worry mongering, by the way in which.

Many of the claims he makes on this caption aren’t even near being true.

‘Your liver may very well be holding on to preservatives from scorching canines you ate a long time in the past.’ That’s ridiculous, and he conveniently doesn’t title these preservatives, holding them mysterious and scary.

MSG is protected and doesn’t do something to human nervous programs.

Citric acid is of course occurring in a variety of meals. I hope you don’t like citrus, as a result of it has a ton of it.

Formaldehyde is of course occurring in a variety of fruits, together with apples. Attention-grabbing how William promotes consuming apples to ‘cleanse toxins from the physique.’ His complete ‘chemical substances are scary’ narrative is basically tiresome, and now he’s even contradicting himself. 

medical medium brain saver
Besides, they’ve formaldehyde. So, which is it, Tony?

Why do folks take heed to the Medical Medium?

If we wouldn’t rent a plumber to defend us in court docket, and we wouldn’t rent an accountant to carry out surgical procedure on us, why on this planet are we trusting our well being to Anthony William?

As a result of he appears to supply folks easy options to issues that aren’t simply solvable. It typically has nothing to do with an individual’s intelligence; somewhat, how we reply to quackery entails emotion. 

Should you’re struggling, and the Medical Medium reveals up with a protocol that guarantees to treatment you, you’re in all probability going to purchase into it. False hope sells, sadly. 

It looks like many Medical Medium followers fall into a number of of the next teams: 1. conspiracy theorists with a mistrust of mainstream drugs 2. don’t perceive science (a fast learn within the feedback part of any of my Medical Medium posts will affirm that) and three. have sturdy religion in god. These types of persons are extra prone to settle for his wild theories as truth. 

There’s a robust religion therapeutic element to William’s complete model, beginning with the ‘Spirit’ connection. Religion therapeutic has been round for hundreds of years, and is mostly related to quackery.

Whereas spirituality generally is a useful a part of therapeutic and life basically, it has by no means been identified to treatment anybody of an incurable sickness.

Loads of these folks have advised me that William has ‘healed’ them and others. That’s good, and I supply some different theories under about why a few of these people could really feel higher. 

One particular person advised me that they really feel nice as a result of they’ve ‘gotten rid of their heavy metals and toxins.’ In the event that they knew higher, they’d perceive that true heavy metallic poisoning requires a hospital, not a detox shake.

Regardless of these anecdotes, I nonetheless imagine as a dietitian that Anthony William is doing folks an excellent disservice.

No one likes to speak in regards to the individuals who William hasn’t ‘healed.’ 

They will’t present proof that they’re truly ‘cured.’

They don’t like to debate the truth that a lot of his info is scientifically false.

And god forbid you need to carry up the truth that he’s actually pulling his recommendation out of skinny air.

Medical Medium dietary supplements, retailer, and advertising.

I’ve had numerous Medical Medium followers inform me that William makes NO cash on any of the content material he places out, so why am I such a hater? 

It may be troublesome for some folks to imagine, however any time they share William’s content material, there’s the potential of him making a living. It seems to be like each single one of many captions on his Instagram posts ends with some variation of, ‘discover out extra in my BOOK!’ 

So even when they haven’t spent a dime, the extra his content material spreads, the extra persons are swindled into shopping for William’s rubbish. He additionally has an enormous on-line retailer with all types of rubbish.

Can I curiosity you in a $300 low-speed masticating celery juicer from the MM’s Amazon? Any time you share his content material, he beneficial properties affect. This interprets into cash.

Hey, I can clarify it to you, however I can’t make you perceive it. Sorry. 

Why do some folks really feel higher on the Medical Medium’s protocols?

There’s a number of easy potentialities.

To begin with, they might have modified their diets to incorporate extra complete meals and fewer ultra-processed ones. That is nice, however doing it beneath the burden of misinformation and worry, is just not.

Or, they’ve eliminated no matter meals was triggering their signs. The Medical Medium loves to inform folks to chop out eggs, MSG, and loads of different issues. For many wholesome folks, there’s no motive to take away this stuff for our weight loss plan. It’s all spin and no substance. Similar to a damaged clock is correct twice a day, generally eradicating random meals from our weight loss plan could hit on what’s been bothering us. However to advocate this to everybody whereas utilizing worry ways and misinformation to help it, is reprehensible. 

Lastly, they may be experiencing the placebo impact. After we imagine so laborious that one thing goes to make us really feel higher, generally it does – a minimum of, in our minds.

It’s additionally protected to say although that in case you imagine that the Medical Medium has ‘cured’ your incurable illness, you might not have truly had that illness within the first place.

medical medium quack
‘Undiscovered cluster salts’ that not one of the chemists on this planet find out about, however Anthony William does. Boastful, a lot?

Cluster salts don’t exist. He made them up. He’s not ‘forward of the science’; he’s making issues up. Interval. 

Other than making issues up, William has mastered the sport of highlighting a brand new fruit or vegetable each every now and then, looking for a correlation with a well being consequence within the literature, then advertising it to his followers as a marvel meals. 

Apples, papaya, celery, blackberries, cherries… they’ve all been highlighted for some sort of anti-cancer, liver supporting, anti-viral magic. That is what his books are primarily based on.

medical medium cleanse to heal
The nervous system doesn’t have to be ‘hydrated.’ Additionally, there’s the e book pitch, as soon as once more! Yawn.

You possibly can’t reliably inform those who sure meals have these types of results on the physique. That’s a gross oversimplification and a dumbing down of how physiology works.

I just lately acquired a DM from somebody requested me why I care HOW folks really feel higher by following the Medical Medium – so long as they find yourself higher ultimately. 

Principally, she was asking why I care which street somebody takes, if it will definitely will get there the place they wish to be.

Nice query. 

My concern with folks like Anthony William is that they’re predatory, and they’re utilizing misinformation to generate income.

Misinformation about how our our bodies work. This leads folks to imagine issues about their our bodies that aren’t true.

Misinformation about people being ‘full of poisons’ that we’d like their ‘cleanses’ and ‘detoxes’ and shakes for. This creates anxiousness.

Misinformation about curing incurable ailments. This provides false hope.

Misinformation that completely protected meals is in some way dangerous. This confuses folks and makes them afraid to eat.

Misinformation that they’re certified to supply recommendation to people who find themselves battling their well being. That is probably dangerous.

medical medium quack
‘Soiled blood syndrome’ doesn’t exist. He made this up, too.


If Williams’ protocols labored, wouldn’t trendy drugs have caught on by now? The inevitable reply from his followers will probably be some conspiracy concept about how typical drugs is corrupt. However this doesn’t make sense, since typical drugs would absolutely steal his concepts and generate income with them if it had been corrupt. 

Williams can evade having to supply proof as a result of the knowledge all got here from Spirit – he’s simply the messenger. In the true world, data translation ought to come from unbiased, peer reviewed proof. 

If William truly cared about his followers, he would publish analysis that backs up his claims. 

If any of William’s claims about meals and sickness had been legitimate, he can be leaping on the alternative to place collectively a medical trial to realize the help of the scientific neighborhood. 

Think about how a lot MORE he may promote with the scientific proof to garner actual endorsements! Oh wait! There is no such thing as a incentive for him to do that as a result of he has the help of celebrities and most people who know nothing about science however belief in Spirits, and he makes extra money promoting unverified claims than he would investing in analysis that may inevitably show him improper. 

Searching for out or offering proof past anecdotes for his claims will solely compromise his enterprise. It’s a home of playing cards.

co-written by Lise Wolyniuk


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