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Carrot Salad and Hormones

“Because of the Ray Peat carrot salad, this easy combo of a shredded carrot, coconut oil, vinegar and sea salt, has helped hundreds of girls (and males!) internationally expertise higher digestion and a serious discount in estrogen accumulation points.”


I’ve had a flood of individuals asking me about Ray Peat these days, and whereas I’ve been tremendous busy with my Consuming After 40 course, I knew I needed to take the time to evaluation this individual, his diet views and the way he influenced a viral uncooked carrot salad development. #rawcarrotsalad, y’all!

Peat has gained a cult following with TikTok influencers and middle-aged bloggers alike, along with his easy carrot salad that, he proclaims, cures every part from thyroid dysfunction to PMS.

Downside is, human physiology and well being aren’t that straightforward.

Additionally, am I nuts, or does this man remind you of the Medical Medium?

Who’s Ray Peat?

Whereas he publishes an internet weblog, Dr. Raymond Peat has no revealed analysis research, nor does he reference related or updated research in any of his writing. His PhD was on age-related oxidative adjustments within the hamster uterus, was defended in 1972.

ray peat diet
That is my daughter’s hamster, Cardi B. I believed I’d put up this as a result of since we’re speaking about hamster uterus, why not?

Working by way of the articles on Peat’s web site is like doing an ultramarathon by way of quicksand. Truly, the ultramarathon can be preferable to studying Peat’s strong textual content block phrase salads with outdated analysis and plenty of scientific mumbo jumbo.

The overwhelming majority of the citations Peat makes use of to again up his claims are rat and cell research, and most are extraordinarily outdated (many from the 1960’s). Some learn like this:

Chilly Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 2011 Dec 22. Bioenergetic Origins of Complexity

and Illness. Wallace DC. “The organizing energy of power stream is hypothesized to be

the origin of organic complexity and its decline the premise of “advanced” ailments and

growing older.”

It appears as if Ray Peat’s assertions are extra like theories that he has dreamed up.

Are we on the identical planet right here? 

You’ve obtained to ask your self, in all of the years this man has been gathering a cult following on the web, has something he has claimed really been confirmed to enhance the result he stated it is going to?  The place are his personal good-quality research that he has had greater than sufficient time to do?


I’m fairly positive if requested, he would give the usual ‘as a result of the traditional medical neighborhood is corrupt’ reply. Proper.

In his put up about most cancers, Peat states that sugars are higher for our immune system than starches, that fish oils ‘kill most cancers,’ and that saturated fat ‘calm’ most cancers cells.

Nope. No meals kills or calms most cancers cells, and like I’ve talked about in different posts, claims like these anger me so, a lot.

An open letter to the ‘holistic most cancers practitioner’ who informed me to ‘do my analysis’

Followers of the Ray Peat food regimen eat a ton of fruit, and now I do know why: he’s an enormous fan of fructose.

He pontificates in considered one of his posts that starch is an inferior supply of carbs to fructose:

Starch and glucose effectively stimulate insulin secretion, and that accelerates the disposition of glucose, activating its conversion to glycogen and fats, in addition to its oxidation. Fructose inhibits the stimulation of insulin by glucose, so because of this consuming strange sugar, sucrose (a disaccharide, consisting of glucose and fructose), rather than starch, will scale back the tendency to retailer fats. Consuming “advanced carbohydrates,” fairly than sugars, is an affordable approach to promote weight problems. Consuming starch, by growing insulin and decreasing the blood sugar, stimulates the urge for food, inflicting an individual to eat extra, so the impact on fats manufacturing turns into a lot bigger than when equal quantities of sugar and starch are eaten.

What kind of fever dream did I simply learn? Catastrophe.

This brings to me the primary subject with the Ray Peat food regimen: it doesn’t really exist! There are simply imprecise ‘suggestions’ that his followers (usually religious to the purpose of being cultlike) glean from his writings.

There are a whole bunch of on-line boards on-line through which individuals attempt to interpret what precise the Ray Peat food regimen is. They actually do not know what he’s speaking about, however they’re nonetheless following some form of Ray Peat plan. 

There are pages and pages of threads with individuals who apparently don’t have anything higher to do with their time aside from argue about issues like whether or not or not Ray Peat thinks potatoes are wholesome to eat.

‘I noticed him say that they’re wholesome!’ ‘I heard him say that we should always solely be consuming potato water!’

For those who can’t perceive the man, why are you listening to him? Welcome to the post-truth period!

I lastly came across some dietary suggestions in considered one of Peat’s posts:

A every day food regimen that features two quarts of milk and a quart of orange juice supplies sufficient fructose and different sugars for basic resistance to emphasize, however bigger quantities of fruit juice, honey, or different sugars can shield in opposition to elevated stress, and may reverse a number of the established degenerative circumstances.

Refined granulated sugar is extraordinarily pure, however it lacks all the important vitamins, so it ought to be thought-about as a short lived therapeutic materials, or as an occasional substitute when good fruit isn’t obtainable, or when obtainable honey is allergenic.

It blows my thoughts that on one finish of the spectrum we now have people who find themselves saying that refined sugar, juice, and dairy are ‘poisonous,’ and on the different finish, we now have Ray Peat.

Evidently, they’re each on the improper aspect of science.

Is the ray peat uncooked carrot salad wholesome?

Peat claims that his uncooked carrot salad lowers extra estrogen. This has been traced again to a weblog put up on Peat’s web site the place he claims that consuming a uncooked carrot every day cured his migraines, and shares tales of girls in his life affected by PMS had been additionally helped (reference free!) 

At present, there are many influencers pushing these things. A few of them declare to be licensed holistic hormone specialists – a credential that’s positively not legit in any means – and all of them are unqualified to be giving any form of diet recommendation.

I’ve stated it many occasions, and I’ll say it once more: while you hear anybody say {that a} meals can ‘stability hormones,’ be very skeptical. ‘Hormone balancing’ is a wellness trade darling, however it’s a meaningless time period usually thrown round by individuals who barely even know what a hormone is.

One of many duties individuals have after they make daring claims, equivalent to Ray Peat’s carrot salad and its supposed estrogen detoxing and ‘balancing’ impact, is the burden of proof. This burden of proof SHOULD be achieved by way of top quality, repeated, scientific research, not a weblog put up with citations from rodent research performed within the Sixties.

I’m additionally going to exit on a limb right here and say that if somebody is recommending one thing on social media or anyplace, they need to be capable of clarify the mechanisms by which this suggestion works. 

‘As a result of, like, it detoxes your estrogen throughout your, like, luteal part’ just isn’t an ample clarification. 

ray peat carrot salad
Paige is a ‘quickly to be’ licensed holistic hormone specialist, so it’s best to positively NOT take her recommendation about hormones.

Fibre and estrogen.

There are two kinds of fibre: Soluble and Insoluble. Most fibre containing meals have a mixture of each. 

Insoluble fibres don’t dissolve in water. They assist to extend stool bulk and will enhance constipation and promote a wholesome digestive system and common bowel actions.  Insoluble fibre is discovered within the skins of greens and fruit, entire grains, and wheat bran. 

Soluble fibre helps to sluggish the digestion of meals. It attracts water and turns it to gel. In flip this may also help decrease blood levels of cholesterol and management blood glucose ranges.

Giant, respected research have proven low fibre diets are related to an elevated danger of some most cancers sorts, together with colorectal. Soluble fibre is present in oat bran, barley, psyllium, nuts and seeds, and dried beans and lentils and a few greens and fruit.

FYI: Ray Peat theorizes in considered one of his weblog posts that lignins, a fibre in flax seed, trigger most cancers. This declare is totally with out advantage.

Half a cup of carrot (uncooked or cooked) supplies 2.2-2.3 grams of fibre – a mixture of each.

Some research theorize that fibre interferes with the absorption of estrogen into the blood and will scale back danger of breast most cancers. 

However hear up: 2-3 grams of fibre isn’t detoxing you from something. Carrot salad is a sham.

Apparently, a research on fats and fibre intakes and intercourse hormones amongst premenopausal girls within the US counsel that dietary fats has a better affect on estrogen metabolism than does dietary fiber. Evidently, the jury is out.

The cult following behind the Ray Peat carrot salad declare that carrots stability our hormones as a result of they include a particular sort of fibre that particularly carries estrogen out of our our bodies.  

It’s unclear which kind of fibre the Ray Peat cult influencers are referring to, as nobody appears to have any clear solutions. All of them have barely totally different variations of the salad, and of the ‘information’.

Both means, the fibres in carrots are pectin, cellulose, and lignin. The identical ones which can be in broccoli. 

When will the #rawbroccolisalad bandwagon start? I’m in!

Is estrogen dangerous?

Ray Peat doesn’t say it immediately, however he implies that estrogen is unhealthy. 

Extra or unopposed estrogen has been proven to be hazardous. We now have good proof that unopposed estrogen is linked to an elevated danger of breast most cancers. Nonetheless, there don’t seem like any respected research linking carrots (or anybody meals), particularly, to a discount in estrogen. Whereas some individuals make an excessive amount of estrogen, unopposed estrogen – and its points – primarily come from estrogen dietary supplements, not our personal our bodies. 

Estrogen can be protecting in lots of points. It’s identified (based mostly on a number of high-quality research) to be important to girls’s reproductive perform, to advertise bone well being, scale back to the chance of coronary heart associated occasions, and (superficially!) to masks the results of growing older on pores and skin, hair, and nails.

Vilifying a standard hormone and trying to appropriate it with little scientific foundation is misinformed and harmful to girls.

Right here’s Dr. Ray Peat, in case you had been questioning what he seems like.

Ray Peat carrot salad: sure or no?

Certain, should you like. Simply don’t anticipate it to repair all of your issues. And please, don’t waste your time making an attempt to decipher the extraordinarily high-sugar Ray Peat food regimen.

Till we now have definitive analysis, there aren’t any magic dietary fixes for hormones. Actually, there are different components (and right here) which may influence estrogen ranges within the physique, in addition to simply diet, together with bodily exercise degree, alcohol consumption, and extra physique fats.

There isn’t a one meals (or salad) that may eradicate or enhance a well being symptom. Meals just isn’t drugs, and your total food regimen contributes to your well being standing, not one meal.

Carrot salad is nutritious – it incorporates fats from the oil within the dressing, together with fibre, and a few nutritional vitamins (beta carotene, transformed by our our bodies into Vitamin A) and minerals from the carrot.  For those who prefer it and need to embrace it as a part of a meal, it definitely has a spot.  

Nonetheless, the problematic cult character and lack of physiologic logic (see the way it’s actually within the phrase), about how this salad will allow you to, is harmful and a slippery slope.  Moreover, the monotony of consuming identical factor on daily basis can create an unhealthy relationship with meals.

Dietary fibre variety is vital! Meals sources of fibre must be assorted inside and throughout all plant-based meals teams, together with whole-grain cereals and cereal merchandise, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and greens. 

Co-written by Lise Wolyniuk


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