Everything OpenAI Announced at Its Spring Update Event – Video


Everything OpenAI Announced at Its Spring Update Event

Speaker 1: Today we’re releasing our latest flagship mannequin. This is GPT-4 OG

Speaker 1: Pt 4 O offers GPT-4 degree intelligence, however it’s a lot sooner and it improves on its capabilities throughout textual content, imaginative and prescient, and audio. We’re additionally bringing the desktop app to talk GBT as a result of we wish you to have the ability to use it wherever you’re. As you’ll be able to see, [00:00:30] it is easy, it is easy. It integrates very, very simply in your workflow. We know that this fashions get increasingly advanced, however we wish the expertise of interplay to really develop into extra pure, simple. And for you to not give attention to the UI in any respect, however simply give attention to the collaboration which had GPT with GPT-4 oh. This all occurs natively. GB GT 4 Oh Reasons throughout voice, [00:01:00] textual content, and imaginative and prescient. And with these unimaginable efficiencies, it additionally permits us to deliver the GT 4 class intelligence to our free customers. We’re very, very excited to lastly deliver GPT-4 oh to all of our customers. You may use imaginative and prescient. So now you’ll be able to add screenshots, images, paperwork containing each textual content and pictures. And you can begin conversations [00:01:30] with Chad GPT about all of this content material.

Speaker 2: So my pal Barrett right here, he is been having bother sleeping recently, and I would like you to inform him a bedtime story about robots and love.

Speaker 3: Once upon a time there was a robotic named Bite.

Speaker 1: Can you do that in a robotic voice?

Speaker 3: Now initiating dramatic robotic voice. Once upon a time

Speaker 2: Can you finish the story, however do it in a singing voice

Speaker 3: And might full of life ever after.

Speaker 1: Bot Gas desires to [00:02:00] know if GPD 4 O is able to actual time translation.

Speaker 3: She wonders if Whales might discuss, what would they inform us?

Speaker 4: So I’m going to indicate you a selfie of what I seem like, after which I’d such as you to attempt to see what feelings I’m feeling primarily based on how I’m wanting.

Speaker 3: It seems such as you’re feeling fairly pleased and cheerful. The

Speaker 4: Reason [00:02:30] I’m in a very good temper is as a result of we have been doing a presentation showcasing how helpful and superb you’re.

Speaker 3: Oh, cease it. You’re making me block.


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