How meditation and mindfulness will help kids with autism


A Compassionate Guide

At Connected Kids, we now have a deep dedication to serving to kids in meditation, with a specific enthusiasm for sharing mindfulness meditation methods with kids on the autistic spectrum.

Through our books and Connected Kids program, we emphasize the potential advantages of meditation for

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kids on the spectrum. Yet, navigating by way of the distinctive challenges when working with these kids requires a compassionate stage of understanding.

Sensory Overload: A Formidable Challenge

Children with autism appear to lack filters on their bodily senses, rendering the world overwhelmingly noisy, smelly, and vibrant for them. What would possibly seem as peculiar behaviour to us is, in truth, a pure response to their heightened sensitivity. Picture standing subsequent to a pneumatic highway drill – we cowl our ears to protect ourselves from the loud noise. Children with autism face related challenges with all their senses, together with sight, scent, style, and contact however with common day-to-day objects (so a hand dryer within the public toilet is their equal of a pneumatic drill).

Seeing life from their perspective can foster better endurance and compassion. Simple breath meditations can function precious instruments to assist them deal with the sensory overload they expertise.


The Impact of Energy Centers

Drawing from our experience in educating therapeutic and meditation, we incessantly discover the idea of vitality facilities, or chakras. For kids with autism (and ADHD), grounding poses a big problem. Feeling grounded instills a way of security and safety whereas being ungrounded can lead to an overactive thoughts, poor sleep, fidgeting, extreme bodily vitality, clumsiness, and an incapacity to finish duties. Focusing on the foundation vitality middle by way of grounding meditations, which use imagery linking people to the earth, could be very helpful.


Mirror Effect: Reflecting Energy

Parents and lecturers usually notice that kids mirror the vitality they obtain. Maintaining a centered, calm, and grounded state by way of aware meditation methods can positively affect the behaviour of kids, appearing as mirrors to our personal psychological and emotional states.


The Deeper Meaning of Autism

In our meditation apply, we search insights into the growing prevalence of autism. We found that permitting our ideas and feelings to dwell on the previous or future creates difficult vitality for autistic kids. Paradoxically, these kids supply us a profound reward – the chance to embrace the current second and domesticate interior calmness. Interacting with kids with autism encourages us to embody peace, stability, and concord, finally benefiting each them and us.


A Mother’s Testimony

A mom (who follows our fb marketing campaign shared a outstanding story of utilizing mindfulness practices to attach along with her kids, notably her son with Asperger’s.

“I had to begin to put into use what I was reading years ago when I was a tired, stressed-out mother of two young boys.  My oldest was two and my youngest was a newborn.  I began by bringing myself to be present at the sink whenever I was hand washing dishes, using all my senses to connect deeply with myself and my immediate experience of hot soapy water.  I found over the first few weeks that every time I calmed my mind, my son would become just as calm.  I realized we were linked, bonded, energetically, and that on some level my babies could sense and feel everything that I was feeling.  This served as motivation to keep up my practice.

The most important way this has helped my son with Asperger’s is that it gave me the ability to look at him more deeply and to look beyond the immediate hysteria he was experiencing, and into what was behind his fear, or anger.  It taught me to take the time to center myself, breathe deeply, and ask myself what it was that I could not see that he could see (or feel).  It taught me compassion and equanimity.”

(M Romine, USA) 

Curious about making an attempt to show meditation?

Life is an ongoing journey, and each expertise shapes our consciousness and selections. Children, together with these with autism, are distinctive people, and no single answer matches all. Embracing aware moments with these kids, centering our vitality to information them by way of the challenges they face, permits for momentary moments of peace. There is not any definitive conclusion, simply a possibility for continuous development and understanding.

The founding father of our Connected Kids program gives free 15-minute calls to talk about your wants.

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