The Ultimate Guide To Leg Workouts For Runners


Have you seen these “runners” who run on the facet of the highway, who appear to run solely to drop a few pounds? The pained expression on their face as they wrestle with each step as a result of they imagine that operating is one of the best ways to drop a few pounds. This article shouldn’t be for them, however if you happen to’re critical about studying about leg exercises for runners and the way it can enhance your operating efficiency, preserve studying.

Often, critical runners don’t assume they should prepare their legs as a result of they assume operating is sufficient, however the tide is popping. They add slightly energy coaching to their routine, and voila, on the spot efficiency enchancment. Adding energy coaching to operating, or any sport, is superb for enhancing your chosen sport, however one other nice purpose is commonly neglected, harm prevention.

In repetitive sports activities which have a excessive affect in your joints, there’s a excessive likelihood your ankles, knees, or hips will say not at this time. Strength coaching won’t cease you from ache and harm, however it’ll scale back your probabilities of it and preserve you going longer. Here, we’ll dive into the muscle groups used when operating and 4 causes to incorporate energy coaching in your operating routine with Joshua Martin, Exercise Physiologist, who focuses on getting The US Air Force prepared for motion.

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Lower-Body Running Muscles

Running is greater than the legs, lungs, and coronary heart. The core and higher physique play an important operating effectivity. Here are the first muscle groups used whereas operating and their capabilities.

Lower Body Muscles And Functions

Quadriceps: Flexes and extends the knee joint and helps take up the shock with every foot strike like shock absorbers in your automotive.

Hip Flexor: Stabilizes the hips to maintain the pelvis degree with every foot strike.

Glutes: Helps preserve the higher physique in good posture and maintains good knee alignment.

Hamstrings: Assists extending the knee by transferring the higher leg backward and is normally the first hip extensor whereas operating.

Calves: Propels you ahead and helps take up contact with every foot strike.

Core/Upper Body Muscles and Functions

Core: Stabilizes all the torso and permits for clean energy switch from the decrease and higher physique. Core energy and endurance are important for good operating posture.

Biceps: Assist with swinging the arms backwards and forwards with extra energy for higher operating movement and effectivity.

Shoulders: Assist in flexing the elbows and rotating the forearms, which helps swing the arms backwards and forwards to extend stability and ahead momentum.

Upper Back: Along with the shoulders, the higher again helps good operating posture and permits for the smoother back-and-forth movement of the arms.

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3 Reasons To Perform Leg Workouts for Runners

“Becoming an exceptional runner isn’t solely about pounding the pavement; it requires a comprehensive approach that includes strength training to fortify your muscles and gain a competitive advantage,” explains Martin. Here are three extra causes to incorporate a decrease physique exercise in your operating program.

Injury Reduction

Lower-body energy coaching helps stop accidents by strengthening the muscle groups and the joint connective tissue. It does this by stimulating collagen manufacturing, a tricky protein that contributes to the energy of tendons and ligaments. “Enhancing your muscular strength reduces the risk of injuries and empowers you to conquer greater distances,” says Martin.

Reduces Muscle Imbalances

Have you ever observed a runner with well-developed hamstrings however restricted glute growth? The major purpose for this, notably with leisure and semi-competitive runners, is that hip extension comes from the hamstrings, not the glutes. Putting some juice within the caboose pays on the spot dividends for runners as a result of it provides them a much bigger engine.

A typical energy imbalance with runners is that they’re stronger and tighter by means of the quadriceps than the hamstrings, which can result in hamstring strains. Strengthening the hammies together with the glutes will assist stop this.

Better Coordination & Efficiency

Running economic system is improved by combining endurance coaching with heavy or explosive energy coaching, enhancing your neuromuscular coordination and energy. Lower physique energy coaching helps enhance your VO2 max as a facet profit.

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Quick Leg Workouts For Runners

Perform this decrease physique energy exercise a few times per week, ideally 24 hours or extra after your operating exercise:

Warm Up

1A.Deadbug: 6 reps on all sides

1B. Passive Leg Lowering: 10 reps on all sides.

1C. Hip Extension with 3-second pause: 10 reps.

1D. Spiderman With Rotation: 6 reps on all sides.

1E. Inchworm: 6 reps

Lower Body

1A. Goblet Squats 2-3 units 8-12 reps

1B. Single Leg Hip Thrust 2-3 units of 8 reps per facet.

1C. Half Kneeling Pallof Press 2 units 12 reps per facet.

2A. Sprinter Step Ups 2-3 units of 8-12 reps on all sides

2B. Stability Ball Hip Extension Hamstring Curl 2-3 units 10-16 reps

2C. Stability Ball Front Plank 2 units 5 deep stomach breaths


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