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Video Friday is your weekly collection of superior robotics movies, collected by your mates at IEEE Spectrum robotics. We additionally submit a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics occasions for the subsequent few months. Please ship us your occasions for inclusion.

ROSCon 2023: 18–20 October 2023, NEW ORLEANS
IEEE SSRR 2023: 13–15 November 2023, FUKUSHIMA, JAPAN
Humanoids 2023: 12–14 December 2023, AUSTIN, TEXAS
Cybathlon Challenges: 02 February 2024, ZURICH

Enjoy at present’s movies!

Let’s not concern ourselves with whether or not this stunning monstrosity of a Strandbeest is technically a robotic or not and as an alternative simply get pleasure from watching it transfer.

Since the start of this summer season I’ve been attempting to attach a number of working items (Ordissen) in succession. Animaris Rex is a herd of seaside animals whose specimens maintain one another as protection towards storms. As people they’d merely blow over, however as a gaggle the prospect of surviving a storm could be higher. It is eighteen meters lengthy (5 meters longer than the biggest Tyrannosaurus Rex discovered.)

[ Strandbeest ]

It’s Slightly Less Big and Significantly Bluer Hero 6!

[ Paper ]

A low-cost robotic does excessive parkour together with excessive jumps on obstacles 2x its top, lengthy jumps throughout gaps 2x its size, handstand on stairs, and working throughout tilted ramps. We present how a single neural web coverage working straight from a digital camera picture, educated in simulation with large-scale RL, can overcome imprecise sensing and actuation to output extremely exact management habits end-to-end. We present our robotic can carry out a excessive soar on obstacles 2x its top, lengthy soar throughout gaps 2x its size, do a handstand and run throughout tilted ramps, and generalize to novel impediment programs with totally different bodily properties.

[ CMU ]

Human waiters may even have one thing to fret about right here.

[ LSRL ]

While conventional management strategies require a number of sensory suggestions for the secure and quick locomotion of quadruped robots, our current work presents a modular neural management structure that may encode robotic dynamics for secure and sturdy gait era with out sensory suggestions. The structure, integrating a central sample generator community, a premotor shaping community, and a motor-memory hypernetwork, permits a quadruped robotic to stroll at totally different strolling frequencies on totally different terrains, together with grass and uneven stone pavement.

[ Paper ] through [ NUAA ]

Thanks, Poramate!

Visual management permits quadrotors to adaptively navigate utilizing real-time sensory knowledge, bridging notion with motion. Yet, challenges persist, together with generalization throughout eventualities, sustaining reliability, and guaranteeing real-time responsiveness. This paper introduces a notion framework grounded in basis fashions for common object detection and monitoring, transferring past particular coaching classes.

[ ARPL ]

As at all times, performing a dwell robotic demo isn’t any small feat, however KIMLAB members embraced the problem! MOMO (Mobile Object Manipulation Operator) stole the Demo Expo at IROS 2023 by charming everybody because it handed out candies and swept the ground with a brush. We additionally unveiled our armor-controlled robotic backpack.


X30 quadruped robotic, a flagship product designed to fulfill core business wants in a number of fields, together with inspection of energy stations, factories, pipeline corridors, emergency rescue, hearth detection, scientific analysis and extra.

[ DeepRobotics ]

Robots working in shut proximity to people rely closely on human belief to efficiently full their duties. But what are the true outcomes when this belief is violated? Self-defense legislation offers a framework for analyzing tangible failure eventualities that may inform the design of robots and their algorithms.

[ Robomechanics Lab ]


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