Kangkong (Water spinach) Nutrition info and Health advantages


Selection and storage

Kangkong is prepared for harvesting about 45 days after seedling. Pick high shoots; depart about 2 inches off the decrease stem to advertise new development for later harvest. Harvest earlier than blooming for the most effective taste.

In the markets, water spinach is offered in bundles of varied sizes and weights. Look for the deep inexperienced, giant leaf sorts since they’re extra flavorful than the small leaf selection.

Avoid wilted, yellowish leaves. Also, keep away from broken, insect bothered greens.

Water spinach leaves broken early if not saved within the cool environment. Keep them wrapped in moist towels, and place contained in the fridge as in different greens like spinach.

Preparation and serving strategies

As in watercress, this leafy inexperienced additionally thrives in aquatic environments. Therefore, wash in clear, operating water, after which soak in salt-water for about half an hour to be able to rid off parasite eggs and worms that thrive nicely beneath aquatic situations.

Mop dry utilizing a smooth fabric or paper towel. Chop utilizing a paring knife. Trim away robust stems. Young tender shoots could also be eaten uncooked in salads. Larger leaves ought to be cooked earlier than consumption.

Kangkong greens have a really gentle, subtly candy style and barely mucilaginous texture. Steam cook dinner or braising brings out their distinctive flavors and distinction texture between crunchy stem and succulent, moist leaves. Sauté with butter and garlic, and toss with little vinegar, and end with sprinkling toasted sesame seeds. Boiled greens can also be served creamed and cheese sprinkled.

Here are some serving ideas:

  • Fresh, tender shoots of kangkung utilized in inexperienced salads.

  • Young stems and leaves are boiled, steamed or sauteed in oil, and utilized in varied dishes similar to stews and curries.

  • Tumis kangkung is an Indonesian stir-fried water-spinach with chilies and shrimp paste.

  • Finely chopped younger stems and leaves could be sautéed in oil and garlic used as a filling for momos (dim sum).

  • Kangkong can be a superb substitute for different leafy greens similar to spinach, chard, basella, sorrel and many others, in lots of recipes.

Safety profile

Being an aquatic plant, kangkong greens might harbor many water-borne pests which can trigger intestine infections like flukes (F. buski).

Larval levels of those trematodes encyst (known as as metacercariae) on aquatic crops similar to water-spinach, water chestnut, water caltrop, lotus root, and different edible crops. Raw, uncleaned greens when consumed might trigger signs like abdomen ache, diarrhea, fever, allergic reactions to larvae, and in circumstances of heavy infestation, intestinal obstruction.

Buy water-spinach from the acknowledged farms that use clear water for irrigation. Avoid if the greens sourced from stagnant and polluted water.(Medical disclaimer).

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